Friday, March 10, 2006

Mega MLS

Where are the MLS goings? Are large MLS's better for consumers and the agents they serve?
It seems that our state of California is heading quickly towards having larger regional MLS systems. Northern California just announced the merger of 5 MLS regions into one and the writing is on the wall to have others. It is likely that by end of 2007 All of Northern California will be one MLS. Somebody will not join of course either by political or contract limitation but for the sake of this point over 120,000 will be on one system. If Southern California follows, as it appears it is headed with systems like the Alliance, soon all of California could be on one system.
Is this good or bad? And why?
Are agents going to try selling in areas they have no knowledge since they now can get easy access?
Are we going to get better services and MLS technology with economies of scale?
What are your thought?

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