Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Top Agents Meet A Bill Barrett's Masterminds in New Orleans

50 Agents Bring their Best Ideas

Another trip well worth it to New Orleans just before the official kick off of the National Association of Realtors National Conference. I had the pleasure of being a part of Bill Barrett's SuperStars mastermind at the Ritz. There were some incredible ideas and it was hard to do, but I narrowed my top 3 ideas to the following:

1- Pat Wattam had a contest for an iPad in her office. Each team member get points for different things, mostly 20% stuff (generating new leads, getting contracts signed, making calls, making appts, open houses, blogging, running ads, and setting up systems to free them up for more lead gen). Points are accumulated over a month's time, and the iPad is given away to person with most points.

2- Cathy Russell shared the Flag Signage for Open Houses. You've seen the tall flags blowing in the wind in your marketplace. Getting Flags with your logo and that say "OPEN" and use them for everything from, outside the office, for Open Houses, Client Appreciation Parties, etc.

3- Kevin Hildebrand sharing that Storage Unit Managers are a great source for referrals. They meet people every day that are decluttering their homes.

The Korn Team shared the information on our new book, The Complete Guide to Buying a Home in Kansas City. We found a company that will help with most of the common content, yet allow you to personalize the book for our area.

Becoming a Published author has been much easier than I ever imagined. The book is full of incredible content and we have put our Kansas City touch to help buyers & your referrals take advantage of the Kansas City market and be comfortable with the process of buying a home.

If you would like more information about publishing a Buyer book or Seller book for your marketplace (only one Realtor per market area) contact me at brad@kornteam.com with subject: "I want to be a published author" and I will get you the information about publishing your own Real Estate Book.

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