Friday, December 16, 2005

Great Tool

brett great for setting this up. Now on to business. Who is getting the treo700? and has anyone talked to a beta tester for it?
The rumors are out there, seen posts on tre0700w and the treo700p (is that mean they will offer a plam os?) I know verizon has an exclusive for 6 months on it. Any input would be appreciated since i need to replace mine and trying to resist the urge to be first in line.


Linda Slocum said...

My question on the Treo 700 is whether it will still have the functionality of the real estate specific software, such as Top Producer and Supra. If those tools are going to remain Palm-specific, then I won't be moving to the Treo 700, much as I prefer the Windows platform over Palm! Any news on whether TP7i or Supra will be moving to the Windows platform?

Linda Slocum said...

You can get on the Verizon email list for updates on the Treo 700w by completing the form here: