Sunday, December 18, 2005

Who Will Market My Home?

When it comes time to market your home you don't have to be casual or impulsive in choosing a real estate licensee to represent you. Indeed, at the end when you receive your proceeds check, the amount may have a lot to do with that choice you made at the outset. Here's a few tips:

  • Be sure the agent (some states call us "licensees") is a Realtor. Only member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), our trade association, are permitted to use this word. We subscribe to a Code of Ethics that goes beyond the minimal duties that every real estate agent owes the public.
  • If the agent's name has letters behind it like CRS or GRI ask what advanced levels of education and experience these represent. They are designations conferred by NAR.
  • Review the agent's resume. There's lots to be said for years of experience.
  • Review the agent's web site. The more experienced and most qualified agents will have a site that is clearly of their own making. It will be more content-rich than something that's just a page on the company site, or a template of some national service.
  • On the web site, see what kinds of properties the agent markets and the techniques he or she uses. Can you picture your home presented here? Since most buyers begin their home buying experience on-line you would want to be proud to see your home marketed here.
  • Since on-line marketing is so important these days, when you interview the agent spend some time listening to his or her on-line strategy.
  • If you compare agent applicants for this important assignment, ask yourself how the chemistry is between you. Are you a good "fit" in your business temperments? Your level of trust -- both ways -- will get you through the rough spots that come with almost every transaction.

I'm in Anchorage, Alaska, the not-so-frozen North these days, what with global warming pushing warm air from the south to us. Lots of professional photos of my community at this link.

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