Saturday, May 23, 2009

One GREAT Way to Spend Memorial Day!

What a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day or ANY day for that matter!

The photo to your right is a wild mother horse and her colt. This is a sight we see on a regular basis during the breeding season o Shackelford Island in Carteret County, NC. How intriguing it is to see wild horses roaming free and to be able to get up close with them.

Every day at 'Shack' as the locals call it, is a great day and much better than any day at work. Lying out on the beach or lying under a shaded tent or umbrella and watching the boats go by, cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, shrimp, clams you just dug up on the grill. How much better can life get? Not a care in the world, listening to the wave gently splash on the shore, sitting and chatting with good friends and family - it's better than taking any drug you can imagine. :>)

The 'Southern Outer Banks' of NC are a fantastic place to live, work and play. We invite you to visit us at or at and see just how wonderful life can be.

Gena & Harold Gilbert
"Always Placing Your Real Estate Needs 1st"
"Your Coastal Sales Team"

We Look Forward To Sharing a Piece of Our "Heaven on Earth" with you!

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