Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who Did You Enjoy Memorial Day With this Year?

These are some of my friends I spent Memorial Day with this year. They are the wild horses on Shackelford Island in Carteret County, Core Banks of NC. They are not tame but they will allow people to share their environment if you behave and follow their rules.

Rule #1 NEVER get between the Stallion and his Mares!

Rule#2 NEVER get between the Mare and her colt(s)!

Rule#3 Be very quiet and do not spook or scare them.

Rule#4 Walk among them softly and slowly.

Rule#5 If they snort or stomp their hooves, BACK UP!

Rule#6 Do NOT try to touch them. As beautiful as they are you must remember they are wild animals.

Rule#7 Do not feed them. They are well provided for by the FEDERAL Wildlife.

Just in case you did not catch my suttle hint on Rule#7, remember the word 'FEDERAL'. Federal Wildlife Officers protect FEDERAL land. You are visiting Shackelford Island which is part of the National Seashore and the Southern Outer Banks.

Enjoy watching and walking among the wild horses and other wildlife but please don't break the rules. The signs that say 'Keep your dog on a leash' are there to protect the horses and the other wild life that calls Shackelford Island their home. :>)

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