Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bleeding Edge?

I dropped my 650 one too many times and found myself with a device that only the screen worked. Strange but it seemed to happen the SAME DAY Verizon released the 700w. Well I was itching to try it and this was all the excuse I needed.
Ok so I plucked down the $ and switched to the dark side (verizon) and have been spending the last week trying this new device out. Here are my initial thoughts.
It is not for the first time pda/phone users just like a tablet is really not for first time laptop users. It is way more powerful, more intuitive, more versatile than the palm os version. I find I use the buttons and almost never take the stylus out. As most windows devices it is menu driven. As long as you think like that it works great. It has a few bugs. Yes. And I find that it still locks up for a few seconds at time as the little processor is trying to catch up. The web surfacing, ability to change font size, interaction with word, excel, powerpoint and most of all outlook. GREAT. The ability to find any third party software... None really, as of yet.
Overall I would recommend those on Sprint to wait the 6 months till they get it and it will most likely have the bugs out. Others that have been using Windows Mobile on another device and considering jumping to the 700 I highly recommend. Anyone on Verizon that has a 650. You will like the 700 better. Just like any device, plan on a bit of getting use to time. I for one find myself like a pc user on a mac. I know it can do it. I know there is a command or button... But I just can't seem to find it where I think it should be. Eventually I will get the full hang of it. Don't get me wrong. It has a lot of well thought of items. Example, when a caller calls and becomes a missed call you can call back that number or any others that are in the contact list. Just by using the center button you can navigate pretty much anywhere and the window button can take you back to the today screen(main starting point) no matter where you are at. You can also keep multiple programs open at one time... Though no recommended by this user. These are just a few.
I run outlook so this worked well for me. I have not experienced it on Top Producer, Agent 2000 (Online Agent) or the other real estate programs. Also out lockbox keys do not accept the palm system so I do not know if GE (supra) has a program for this.

I will post soon a month with the 700 to follow this up.


Christina Whipple said...

Thanks for the report. I have a 650 now and would love to know how you feel about this one after a few more weeks of working on the transition.

I also have looked at some of the other "Pocket PC" products and would like to hear some thoughts about those as well. With the wireless headsets, the dimentions of the actual phone are of less concern to me now.

Thanks again!


Linda Slocum said...

Top Producer says that they should have a program available to support the Treo700 Windows environment later this year. Supra GE says that they have NO plans to support the Windows platform at this time.

Thanks for the "test drive" of the Treo700!

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Linda Slocum