Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rockland County Real Estate Market

Calls are coming in fast and furious from local homeowners. Many want to know, ‘when the spring market begins?’ In Rockland County, even with chilling temperatures and snow on the ground…the ‘early spring market’ is here. We are seeing more and more new listings on the daily hot sheets. Buyers are also starting to look at homes on the advice of their accountants or financial planners. Many have received a year end bonus and need to make a financial investment that will yield a tax deduction in the current year. From what I can see, we are in the midst of a transition… from a strong sellers market to a healthy balanced market. Most buyers are being more cautious and not making quick decisions and offers on properties right away. Many sellers are a bit frustrated that their homes are not selling as quickly as their neighbors. This is a sign of a changing market! If you would like to see what is for sale in your neighborhood, visit: Search Rockland Homes.

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